UW-Eau Claire
Hwa Rang Do - Tae Soo Do Club

Contact us: hwarangdo@uwec.edu

Club Events

This is a tentative list of events for the Spring 2016 semester.

  • BOB (Blugold Organizational Bash) - February 3rd, 11am - 2pm
  • Black Sash Clinic - April 23rd, 9am to 3 pm
    • Master Kijek will be coming to Eau Claire for an all day training clinic!
  • Finals Week - May 16th - 20th

Spring Semester Testing Dates

February 20th: 9:30am
March 19th: 9:30am
April 16th: 9:30am
May 21st: 9:30am

On-going Events

In order to bring a quality training experience to the students at the UW Eau Claire campus, we offer various training opportunities and events to help them cultivate not only their Warrior Spirit, but also their leadership skills both on and off campus.

Eau Claire Black Sash Training Clinics

Each semester, UWEC host training clinics where various Black Sashes come to the campus to work with the students and the instructors.  We have had various Black Sashes come to campus over the years, including Master Kijek, a 5th Degree Black Sash.  When they come, a wide range of topics are covered including belt rank material, sparring application and drills, grappling transitions and locks, throws and takedowns, weapons work, and so much more. With the quality of training that comes with these clinics, they are always a great time for everybody! Check out more pictures here.

Minnesota MUSA Challenge

Every fall semester, the club participates in the Minnesota MUSA Challenge hosted by the Academy of Hwa Rang Do: Minneapolis. Many Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do practitioners from the Midwest come to Minneapolis to compete against each other in forms and application and everyone present learned from each other and had fun! Every year many, if not all the students from the Eau Claire Club compete in the tournament, placing in at least one, if not several of the divisions!




Varsity Night Live

At the beginning of Homecoming week during fall semester, the club puts on an Expedition show for Varsity Night Live, a talent show that the UW campus host to show the “best of the best” of what UW Eau Claire has to offer. Our club is one of three on campus that do not have to audition for the show and we make sure we give a stellar performance! For almost 20 years, we have shown the university our best in long forms, weapons work, simulated sparring, and numerous board and brick breaks! It is a great way to show the campus what we can do and rev up some the student body’s energy for Homecoming!

Campus Self-defense Clinics

Every Semester our club host self-defense clinics for the students on the UW Campus. Personal safety is something that everyone on campus is concerned with and our main goal is to empower the student body to make sure that they have tools at their disposal that will keep them safe on campus without putting themselves in danger, both personally and legally. Many of the things we cover in our clinics include what the student’s rights are, how to be aware of their surroundings, methods to personal defense, and preventative measures to make sure you do not get into the situation to begin with.

If this is something that is of interest, feel free to contact the club for information at hwarang@uwec.edu


Past Events

Above all things, we not only want to spread Hwa Rang Do to the world, but we also want to spread peace and prosperity. In addition to the events we do on a regular basis, the club over the years has also been involved in other training, social, and community based events and public outreach.

Grandmaster Lee Midwest Seminars

For several years, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee has made trips to the Midwest, traveling Minneapolis for a full weekend of seminars hosted by the Minneapolis Academy. Topics covered included sparring fundamentals/Yongtoogi methods, Throws and takedowns in sparring and grappling, Grappling groundwork/Gotoogi methods, Weapons sparring, self-defense methods, mediation, education in Korean culture, and so much more! We do not see him as much as we used to. With his promotion to President of WHRDA, his time has been taken up traveling all over the world to spread the message of Hwa Rang Do internationally, helping Dojangs and clubs around the world.

Halloween Hollow

As part of our community service projects, the club has volunteered at the Halloween Hollow. This local Halloween carnival featured bouncy houses, train rides, cookie decorating, and an interactive witch’s brew. Not only did the club help out to make this a great event, we also raised some money in the process!

Eau Claire Walk to Cure Diabetes

Over the last few years, members of the club participated in the Eau Claire Walk to Cure Diabetes. Each year, we have been able to raise hundreds of dollars to help with juvenile diabetes research with help from friends, family, and co-workers. The event is held in Carson Park, and on average, over 300 people walk each year.


4-H Leadership Day

In 2013, when the local 4-H group asked us to hold a session on martial arts for a leadership conference they were holding at the UW campus, we jumped on the opportunity! Kids from around the region learned how to be aware of their surroundings, methods to personal defense, and preventative measures to make sure they would not get into the situations that might endanger themselves or others. It was a great time and everyone had a ton of fun!