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Hwa Rang Do - Tae Soo Do Club

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Prospective Students

People who come to the club usually come with various sets of interests and skill levels. Our program is designed to accommodate people with a wide variety of backgrounds. For those people who are interested in our club, we start them with our three week introductory program called the Hubae Program.

Hubae Program

The Hubae Program is designed as an introductory course for Tae Soo Do for anyone who is thinking about joining the club.

The Hubae classes are every Tuesday at 8:00 PM after our 7:00 PM class. Depending on student schedules, there are other times during the week when we run additional classes. In the Hubae program we cover:

  • Basic White Belt material such as basics, techniques, and application drills to prepare the student for their White Belt tip test.
  • The history of Hwa Rang Do, and the culture that has come from that history.
  • The history of the UW-Eau Claire club, and an overview of the services that we provide to the UW campus.
  • Basics in Korean language, especially common phrases used in class.

When a prospective student has completed the program, they will have a complete understanding of who we are and what is involved in being a part of our community. At that point, they will have the opportunity to tip test and sign up!

Our Core Training Programs

Once students have completed the Hubae Program, they will have the opportunity to choose how they want their training to go moving forward. To do this, we have three different training program options so the student can choose their own level of involvement: 

  • Basic Training Program: The Basic Training program is designed for students with little to no martial art background. These students focus on the fundamentals of martial arts including forms, basics, and techniques. Equipment for this level of training focuses on what is needed for the core curriculum. 
  • Warrior's Program: For those students looking for more of an advanced level of training, we offer the Warrior’s Program. The Warrior’s Program takes the Basic Training Program and includes a heavier focus on our application programs. This level of training is divided into two sub-packages: The Green Belt Program and the Black Belt Program. These programs are there to help students achieve excellence in their training by giving them a goal to strive for. The Green Belt Program is available only to beginner belts. All ranks have the choice of joining the Black Belt program if they choose. 
  • Tae Soo Do Teuk Gong Team (TGT):  As we strive for personal excellence and developing ourselves as leaders, there are those who will decide that they not only want to achieve their Tae Soo Do® Black Belt, but they want to become Tae Soo Do® instructors. These people, with the permission of the Head Instructor, can have the opportunity to join our Teuk Gong Team (TGT). This is a special group of students who not only train at the same level as the Warrior's Program, but also focus on those fundamentals that help them develop leadership skills both within themselves and the larger community. 

Information for College Students

Through our three training programs, we have a level of flexibility that allows us to help students achieve their goals. These programs are designed to be accommodating towards students of any background and are effective for those who need a training program that will adjust for their class schedule. No matter what their area of study is, we are willing to work with the students so not only can they strive through training, but also through their academic career. 

If you have any questions involving our training in regards to academic scheduling, please feel free to talk with our head instructor, who will be more than happy to help you with scheduling.

Information for Community Members

Because of the inclusive nature of our club, we also accept community members and, like our college students, are willing to work with them to achieve their training goals. Many community members are drawn to our program due to diversity in training options and the sense of value in community we provide. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our head instructor.

For any questions regarding safety, training, or any topic, please email us or come meet us! We would love to help you figure out whether our club is right for you.